Testimonials for Cornerstone Services

"Cornerstone Services eased a great burden for the family by managing my grandfather's finances while he lived in a retirement home, and smoothly handled his estate after he passed away. The staff was very comforting and professional during this difficult time."
- Amy H

"We are married senior citizens living in Eugene, and met Rikki and Jerry during the recent process of planning our estate. Their professional expertise in many areas of estate and personal affairs has been most helpful to us during this process. We feel secure concerning their dedication and knowledge, and are comfortable regarding the future services that they may need to provide for us."
- John and Veronika

"I recently served as power of attorney for my stepfather during his final year in a memory care residential facility. I was dreading the many hours of bookkeeping this financial responsibility was going to impose upon me until I learned about Cornerstone Services from my attorney. I subsequently employed Cornerstone to perform check-writing and issuing services and to maintain accounting records for my stepfather. This enabled me to travel and spend most of my summer at a mountain cabin without worrying about my stepfather's finances. All of his bills were paid accurately and on time. They remained in close telephone contact with me whenever I was away from home, keeping me aware of things that came up. I could not be happier with the services that Cornerstone has provided, which is why I was willing to write this recommendation."
- Bill K

"You do such amazing work. I admire all you and your organization do. You will never know what a blessing you have been to me and my family. I knew this day was coming and dreaded it. I know that you took on a dauting task when you took on my father. God bless you!"
Bridget P

"You folks are AMAZING. I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you."
- Jeff S

"Thank you so much for your assistance helping me with my father's and brother's needs over the last several years. Being over 2,000 miles away has been difficult dealing with their affairs, but it would have been impossible without your assistance. The dedication in doing what is right, being there when I needed you, and passionate behavior by you and your staff has been a blessing. Things like taking care of my father's residence, handling a lot of chores of moving them out to other facilities, helping me find the right contractor to renovate, many minor items, then finding the right rental agent has been fantastic. Working with me and others to make this happen has been such a unique positive experience, that I truly do not believe I could have found in another organization."
- Kenneth S

"Jerry and Rikki, I appreciate you two and all of your help with Mom through this journey. Thanks you for your kindness and for being there all the way and at all hours of the day and night!"
- Judy A

"I wanted to once again express, on behalf of all of us, deep gratitude for your enduring care the last few years of mom's life. Her life would not have been nearly so good without your guidance and everything you helped her, and us, through."
- Gary R

"Thank you all for helping take care of my mother during the last 4 years. You provide a wonderful service."
- Ros G

"Thanks for all the great work you and Cornerstone do."
- Henley J

"I am not a strongly religious person, but I have no doubt that a hand from above lead D.B. to your organization. We believe you have offered D.B. the best chance for a satisfying life that she has had in decades. For that, we will always be eternally grateful."
- J.W.

"You and your people are awesome! Thank you."
- Ted A

"Thanks so much for the very informative report and for giving my relative such supportive and expert care. You and your colleagues have made a spectacular difference in his quality of life and his happiness. He has had a lot of challenges in his life, but now at 74 years old (!) he is for the first time happy with his living situation (thanks for helping him get the cat and the great apartment!). Equally important, he gets weekly support, reinforcement and caring from you and your able colleagues. Also for the first time in his life, he has a workable system for remembering to take his meds. Your company, your personnel and their dedication to Cornerstone's mission are incredible. Thankyou!"
- Jeff

"Thank you again. If it weren't for you two we would have never found such a great place for our parents."
- Nancy

"I appreciate all the kindness and attention you all give to my mom, it has saved her life."
- Gary

"I continue to mavel at how much you guys changed his life for the better... He was so well cared for. You guys gave him a continuity of support, caring and acceptance that he had never before experienced. It's good that his last years were spent with that support"
- Jeff S

"This is absolutely the worst time of my life and I can never tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing... I just feel that I can trust you and you've been nothing but kind... It's such a relief to have someone whom I really feel has the best interest of my parents at heart. Thank you."
- Kelly

"Thank you for all the work you do for our clients. Without someone like you in their corner they would be in big trouble."
- Mona

"Thank you for your time in an effort to help my father. As stated in your letter there is nothing I can do but wait. Of all the people I have contacted, your words are so kind and understanding..."
- KW

"I am so grateful that you (Jerry) and Anya are there to do what you can..."
- Gary

"I thank God every day for putting you and Jerry in our lives to care for my parents."
- Kelly

"God bless you, Jerry. Thank you. You, Anya, and Rikki are the greatest!"
- Kelly

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