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"Thanks for all the great work you and Cornerstone do."
- Henley J

Cornerstone Services Inc / Cornerstone Care Inc. are Oregon companies dedicated to providing professional, quality fiduciary services to help with management of the person, their estate, or their personal affairs. There are six types of services Cornerstone offers.

A Conservator is legally responsible to manage the estate of another person in the event that they become incompetent or incapacitated.

A guardian is legally responsible for managing the personal welfare and health of another person in the event that they cannot take care of themselves.

A trust is a contract created for the management of a person's assets. A trustee is appointed to manage the trust.

Special Needs Trust / Supplemented Needs Trust (SNT)

A Special Needs Trust, or Supplemented Needs Trust (SNT) is a special trust that is created to enable a disabled person to qualify for medicaid while protecting their assets.

Case Management
Case management is where we can assist in the managing of a person's life or personal affairs when it becomes difficult.

Power of Attorney
A power of Attorney is when someone appoints someone else to act in their place for finances or medical decisions.

We are able to act as a Receiver in unique circumstances. Please inquire about our services and capabilities.

Investigate/Forensic Research
We are able to conduct detailed analysis of financial activity and reconstruct reports based on our findings. Two of Cornerstone Services, Inc. business partners (Anya and Gerald) were Chief Financial Officers of large credit unions, equipping them with unique insight into the banking system. They are able to investigate and analyze complex financial activity. We have successfully prepared financial reports and research for the local police authorities, other fiduciaries, and private parties.

We can provide a formal, written, professional valuation assessment of any care situation. We will review every area of a person's life and report from our observations, investigation, and experience.

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