Disclosures and fees for Cornerstone Services of Springfield, OR.
"The staff was very comforting and professional during this difficult time."
- Amy H

We delegate tasks to employees and outsource services professionals and companies to reduce the expense of managing the case. We have never had a claim filed against any fiduciary bond. None of our staff has ever been denied a professional license that is directly related to responsibilities as a professional fiduciary. None of our staff has ever had a professional license revoked or canceled that is directly related to responsibilities as a professional fiduciary. The criminal records check required under ORS 125.240 does not disqualify us from acting as a fiduciary and our records check is on file with this Court. All of the employees' criminal record checks are clean and fingerprints are available to the court upon request. We are active members of the State Guardianship / Conservatorship Association of Professional Fiduciaries and have four certified national Guardians: Rikki Rainey, Gerald Rainey, Anya Danielson, and Todd Thomas. We have full copies of our disclosure statements available upon request.

Professional Services - $110/hour
     * Tasks of the Conservator/Guardian, working with professionals, doctors, attorneys, family members, agencies, and financial institutions regarding the affairs of the Conservatorship/Guardianship.

Case Management Services - $70-$90/hour
     * This involves general management of the case including coordinating services, reports, transacting business, completing reports and assistance to the Conservator and/or Guardian.

Bookkeeping Services - $50-$70/hour
     * This includes such services as general bookkeeping, accountings, coordinating services, reports, reconciliations, budgets, cash flow reports and assistance to the case manager and/or Conservator/Guardian.

Clerical Services - $25-$60/hour
     * This includes tasks to assist the employees to manage the case, such as gathering information, preparing reports, research, errands, securing documents and purging records.

Assessments - $1000-$1500
     * This is a report prepared by the professionals to assess a person's situation. Our assessment includes a thorough review of living situation, care needs, medical evaluation and review, financial evaluation and review, and recommendations with estimated costs. We can tailor the assessment to your needs. Our assessments have been used by individuals to file claims for reimbursement of services. You can learn more about our assessments by clicking here.

We bill in six minute increments, or 1/10th of an hour per increment. After hour rates will be charged at $150/hour. Regular hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00am thru 7:00pm. After hour charges will be a minimum of .25 hours per incident. Joint charge rates are at $150/hour for any two employees working on the same case other than asset searches.

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