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"God bless you, Jerry. Thank you. You, Anya, and Rikki are the greatest!"
- Kelly
Our passion is to help people. As a privately owned company, we have no grants, no government support, and no donations to assist with paying our six employees or overhead. We are paid by the estates that we manage.

When we are appointed as Guardian, the appointment lasts until the person passes away or a successor guardian is appointed. We have a company wide commitment that we will never close a case because the estate runs out of funds. We will continue to provide the highest level of care and oversight even after the person’s assets are depleted and they are on Medicaid services. This is considered our “pro-bono,” or free service. We currently have 20% of our caseload as pro-bono clients.

Several of our cases are long-term clients for twelve years or more. Some have no funds, yet we continue to be a vital part of their lives. Occasionally we have the capacity to take a pro-bono case from the onset.

We also provide free services to the law enforcement agencies in the state, particularly in Lane County. We have volunteered time to enter financial data on cases investigated by Lane County Sheriff, Eugene Police, Springfield Police, Albany Police and Linn County Sherriff’s Office. Our efforts have resulted in several high profile convictions. Our expertise in the operations of the financial and banking systems has proven invaluable to our research and reporting to the agencies. We have great respect and appreciation for our law enforcement agencies and are willing to sacrifice a portion of our time and expense to assist them.

We believe everyone, people and businesses, should provide some service to their community.

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