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"Your company, your personnel and their dedication to Cornerstone's mission are incredible. Thank you!"
- Jeff
about cornerstone
Cornerstone Services, Inc. and Cornerstone Care, Inc. were formed in July of 1999 by Rikki and Jerry Rainey. The company manages persons and their estates by acting in a fiduciary role as Conservator, Guardian, Trustee or Power of Attorney.

Cornerstone Care is a non-profit corporation created to manage Special Needs Trusts for disabled individuals.

Finding the right company or individual that you can trust can be overwhelming when confronted with issues of family care or money management. Rikki and Jerry Rainey have built their company on a foundation of professionalism, compassion, and trust.

They have built a company that enables complete coverage of all aspects of personal and financial management while keeping overall costs lower than most professional fiduciaries. The distribution of the workload combined with checks and balances insures accuracy, integrity, and a timely response to most inquiries or events.

There are a variety of situations in which we go above and beyond to provide services to our community and our clients. Read more about this on our community service page.

RIKKI RAINEY (Certified National Guardian)
Rikki Rainey is a graduate of California State University of Sacramento, California with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in sociology. During college, Rikki worked at a children's home as a counselor and at a doctor's office as a certified medical assistant. She entered a specialized work learning program with the Sacramento County Conservator's Office where she discovered her passion for caring for the elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill people. Rikki joined the Conservator's Office in 1980 as a Deputy Conservator. She managed a large caseload for more than thirteen years as a Deputy Guardian/Conservator and Probate Investigator. During that time, Rikki completed a two-year program where she received certification as a Guardian/Conservator professional.

Rikki moved to Springfield, Oregon with her family in 1993. She began working at a local company providing Conservatorship and Guardianship services. In 1999, Rikki and her husband, Jerry, formed Cornerstone Services. Rikki retired in 2016, but is still acting as a consultant and auditor to Cornerstone Services, Inc.

JERRY RAINEY (Certified National Guardian)
Jerry Rainey is a graduate of California State University of Sacramento, California with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Jerry started his career at a bank, but soon moved into the credit union industry. He spent almost thirty years working as a senior manager for four credit unions.

His most recent positions were at Oregon Community Credit Union (formerly known as U-Lane-O) and SELCO Community Credit Union in Eugene, Oregon where he spent two years and eight years as Vice President of Finance. During those times, he was responsible for many of the credit union's key accounting and financial operations, and managed the credit union's investments valued at more than $100 million.

Jerry was active in the community and credit union industry, speaking at national conferences, writing articles for credit union publications and advising credit union managers across the country on sound financial management practices.

Anya danielson (Certified National Guardian)
Anya Danielson is a National Certified Guardian and an Oregon Certified Professional Fiduciary. Anya is a graduate from the University of Oregon with a bachelor's degree in business administration. She has a post-baccalaureate degree in accounting from Linfield College and graduated from Western Credit Union National Association Management School. Anya started her career in credit unions. Her most recent position was the Chief Financial Officer for Wauna Federal Credit Union.

Anya has worked as a Senior Case Manager and Professional Fiduciary for Cornerstone Services, Inc. since February of 2008. Anya enjoys advocating for individuals who have medical, social, and mental health needs. Anya became a full partner in Cornerstone Services, Inc. in 2013. She is currently appointed as fiduciary on more than 40 cases!

TODD THOMAS (Certified National Guardian)
Todd Thomas has been certified as a National Certified Guardian by the Center for Guardianship Certification. Todd is a Lane County native and has earned and Associates' Degree from Lane Community College. He has a professional background in banking, having been previously employed as a loan officer and member services representative for five years. Todd joined Cornerstone Services, Inc. in March 2008. He is a certified national guardian and became a full partner of Cornerstone Services, Inc. in 2013. He is currently appointed as fiduciary on more than 50 cases!

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